Hey, there! I'm Abby Presar. In 2015 (around that time of year when we all start thinking about resolutions) I decided to dedicate 2016 to a personal photography project which I titled #projectfillmore. I resolved to try to find something inspiring to photograph. every. single. day.

Here are the specifics: 

Why Fillmore?
I live on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Seemed representative of me, and was a unique enough name to have a not so saturated hashtag on Instagram.

Did I follow any rules?
Yep. I had one rule: each photo represents something seen, curated, & photographed that day. No latergrams...which forced me to find something every day worth posting. 

Did I fudge on my rule? 
Only on day 19 (I considered it a special circumstance). All other pictures follow my one rule! 

Was it hard?
YES. Some days, it's hard to find inspiration. Not every photo is my best. But, it's been a pretty awesome experience.

Why 366?
Yeah, there are 365 Days in a year. I picked a leap year to do this thing. So you get one extra picture to enjoy, and I get one extra day to find inspiration.